Get my 'Affirmations for Sensitive Business Owners' collection of audios + PDF for only $9
Do you identify as sensitive, thoughtful, or perhaps (but not necessarily) introverted and quiet? Then these affirmations are perfect for you.

Get access to a set of MP3s and printable affirmations that will help give you more confidence about who you are and who you do business (including your marketing, getting things done, being visible and how you feel about yourself).

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Do you find it hard to come up with journalling prompts and questions that really get you moving? Or would you like to offer this to your clients and course students? This is my system for creating your own prompts, affirmations and lists of aligned actions - both for you and your clients).

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Here's what the affirmations for sensitive business owners add-on includes:

Several sets of affirmations designed to support business owners who identify as sensitive, thoughtful, empathic, quiet or introverted.

Start to embrace those elements of your personality.

Reprogram your mind to see your sensitivity as a strength in business (despite the external noise that tells us otherwise).

Listen to the MP3s or download the printables to put these up in your workspace.

Add the MP3s to your phone to listen on the go.

Available to download & use instantly.

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