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Grow With Challenges Course 
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In this 3-part course I'll share with you: 
  • how to really get behind your offer energetically,
  • how to set powerful goals before you launch, 
  • managing your energy throughout the launch + a powerful exercise to clear 'stories' as they come up
  • what to track & learn from 

...& with all of this you'll be in a position to really stand behind the transformation of what it is that you do, calling in more sales without the stress & second-guessing yourself

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Grow With Challenges (June 2024 Flash Sale)$0

“I went from “maybe a challenge might be a thing I want to do in anticipation of my next launch” to basically creating the whole thing in 15 minutes after binging the whole course and thinking how much easier it would be than I anticipated. I’m looking forward to it so much!” - Asha

“Informative, supportive and loads of content! My biggest ah-ha was the joy and playfulness that can be had with challenges" - Lisa

Here's what you get when you sign up to Grow With Challenges:

  • How powerful challenges work & how to come up with a winning idea 
  • How to create them in a way that saves you effort but maximises results 
  • How to get more leverage from your challenge than just audience growth 
  • Real life examples from my own challenges, including graphics, strategies etc. 
  • How to repeat the process again & again, tweaking & improving 
  • BONUS 1: Juicy debrief of my 2021 email challenge that led to 300+ subscribers 
  • BONUS 2: selling during your challenge (lessons from my 5-figure challenge launches) - leaning into the discomfort and doing justice to your offer

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