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In this 3-part course I'll share with you: 

  • how to really get behind your offer energetically,
  • how to set powerful goals before you launch, 
  • managing your energy throughout the launch + a powerful exercise to clear 'stories' as they come up
  • what to track & learn from 

...& with all of this you'll be in a position to really stand behind the transformation of what it is that you do, calling in more sales without the stress & second-guessing yourself

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Midyear Momentum$9

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“Breaking it down makes it feel achievable”

Here's what you get when you sign up to Midyear Momentum:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Digestible, bite-sized lessons with video, lesson notes & audio (consume it however works best for you)
  • A mixture of coaching and practical questions to get you excited about your goals going forward 
  • Additional lesson on overcoming fears, doubts and obstacles along the way
  • Private podcast version of the course, making it easy to listen on the go so that there are no excuses not to complete this process
  • Invite to my client/ student-only group The Inside – for extra support & community if you want it

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  • 1xMidyear Momentum$9

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