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The Soulful Sales Society Membership
$19 for your first month, $49 per month after that (cancel at any time)
(or sign up annually for $333 - saving you $111 - offer not available elsewhere)

Limited time offer. As well as everything listed below, your $19 will get you access to the Soft Selling "get it done" week starting Jun 24th.

You'll get support & an incentive to implement the soft selling strategies - I'll share a link to your launch/ freebie that's tied into your launch with my 6k-ish email list.

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Add-on: Behind-the-Scenes Diary from My $10K Membership Pre-Sale

only $9 (not normally available elsewhere)
In April 2023 I pre-launched this low-ticket membership and brought in $10K upfront to create it. In this audio diary (lasting ~1 hr), I share:
  • why I chose to launch it this way
  • the mindset stories I worked through
  • what I did to show up throughout this "lazy" and laidback launch.

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    Yearly membership, save $111 (not available anywhere else)$333.00/yr

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Here's what you get when you sign up (click here to see the full sales page):

  • The never-before-released, powerful Soulful Sales & Launching curriculum
  • Monthly q&a/coaching calls with Ruth (you’ll be able to submit questions even if you can’t be there live/ aren’t on FB)
  • Monthly sales debrief & planning session to keep you connected to your goals and learning what is & isn't working.
  • Access to a Facebook group full of likeminded humans to share, get support & mastermind with your peers
  • Monthly sales mindset unblocker sessions to take you to the next level
  • Soulful sales challenges - monthly "get it done" weeks to get you taking aligned action on the trainings (pick and choose which ones work for you!)

Plus these bonuses:

  • Private podcast feed to make it easy to consume the trainings/ replays
  • Discount on related courses & 1:1 Voxer coaching with Ruth
  • Community promotion & collaboration opportunities

"I made the most money I ever have in my business with Ruth while also inviting in space to look after my health. I have trusted myself to make money from a place of confidence.” - Agnes Becker, We Are Stardust

“I have been able to adjust my business to better fit my values and how I love to work. I’ve been able to successfully bring in new services, and hit new income levels in my business too.” - Lucy Green, Business Coach & Development Consultant

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